Grabs for excavators

Grabs for excavators or mini-excavators are for solid waste, organic waste, gardening waste handling. Usually wheeled or tracked excavators work with more than 250 BAR pressure, our hydraulic grabs at BAR 200/250 depending on the type, therefore a max valve should always be mounted on the arm of the excavator to regulate the oil pressure favoring the correct use of the equipment, naturally if the machine does not have it already as standard.

Tecnobenne offers for each type of fork, a variety of models with different capacities and dimensions, for mini excavators from 10-15 quintals excavators up to 150 quintals.


Grab for agricultural works.


Grab for agricultura works.

Grab FOTB 2

Grab for agricultural works.

Grab FVTB 2

Grab for agricultural works.


Grab for agricultural works.

Fork FPC

Wallboard fork.

Fork FPB/G

Pallet fork with comb shaped arm to be actioned manually.

Fork FPA /AG

Self-balancing pallet forks.

Forks FPM/MB

Self locking pallet forks.