Clamshell buckets for digging

Clamshell buckets, sometimes confused with buckets, are designed for digging. Also known as bucket grabs or clamshell buckets, they have a geometric shape that allows them to go deep into the ground. They also differ from the models for  handling goods mounted on cranes and excavators for the possibility of varying the layout of the hydraulic cylinders: one or two, horizontal.

Our range of buckets for digging

Among the best-selling models in Tecnobenne catalogue, BVT1 and BVT2 buckets are the ideal choice for light digging and loading, while BOT2 and BOTS models have perforated blades as standard for bolting teeth.

Digging buckets are widely used in the construction industry.

For greater safety, most of our clamshell buckets are fitted with a check control valve as standard. This is very important because the equipment does not lose its load if the hydraulic hoses brake.

Custom made digging buckets: design and assembly

Tecnobenne offers its experience in the selection and design of each clamshell bucket sold. Starting from the vast catalogue, it is possible to personalize the bucket according to the type of digging that will be done, the vehicle on which it will be installed on, the accessories – such as perforated  clamshells for loading and unloading material – as well as the wear it will be subjected to.

An attentive study in the design stage allows to choose the best type of steel, basically S355. Clamshell buckets mounted on crawler excavators, for example, need to be stronger than the ones mounted on self-propelled wheeled vehicles.

The delivery of an equipment, once the project has been defined, can be reduced to a few days thanks to the well-stocked company warehouse and the large catalogue. Ideal for very fast assistance, the warehouse full of semi-finished products also permits a quick and easy assembly. The customization of the project allows to choose colours and related accessories.

Clamshell bucket BOTL M

Clamshell bucket for different materials.

Clamshell bucket BOTL MR

Clamshell bucket for waste and green areas maintenance.

Clamshell bucket BOT L

Clamshell bucket with a large opening.

Clamshell bucket BOT R

Clamshell bucket with removable side-walls standard.

Clamshell bucket BOT S

Clamshell bucket for loading and unloading.

Clamshell bucket BOT 2

Clamshell bucket with two horizontal cylinders.

Clamshell bucket BVT 1

Clamshell bucket for light digging.

Clamshell bucket BVT 2

Clamshell bucket for digging.