Log grabs for forestry cranes

Tecnobenne designs and manufactures log grabs for timber trailers with crane for handling trunks in the carpentry sector. Available in the general catalogue, POTB L and POTB LL models are ideal for light works, while POTB M and POTB H series guarantee maximum efficiency and durability even with heavier and wearier jobs. The company is able to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as those of the heaviest forestry industry.

The body of these hydraulic equipment is made of steel S355. On the other hand, parts subjected to more stress are made of material with a high yield strength, such as arms. Super-strength models are available on request, with increased carpentry thicknesses.

Log grabs custom-made for logging trailers with crane

The hydraulic grabs used for handling wood consist of two arms with synchronized movement driven by one or more hydraulic cylinders. To make harvesting faster, just like forks for branches, timber grabs for forestry loaders can mount arms with closed or open ends (also known as with blade or without blade).

Starting from the study of customer’s needs, Tecnobenne is able to draw up a project for the construction of a log grab that will adapt perfectly to the vehicle on which it will be assembled: crawler excavators, self-propelled wheeled cranes, trucks with cranes and forestry trailers.

Thanks to the warehouse full of semi-finished products ready to be assembled, Tecnobenne is able to fulfill the order of log grabs for logging trailers in a few days. The customization of the project allows to choose colours and related accessories such as: bushing to be welded, bushing to be flanged, hydraulic rotator, mechanical rotator, pistons rotator, custom made suspension link and max valve (to be mounted on the machine).


Grab for logs handling.

Log grab POTB L

Log grab for brush woods and wood.

Log grab POTB M

Grab for logs, heavy version.

Log grab POTB H

Grab for logs without blade.