Polyp-grabs for sawn timber

In the agricultural sector, as in the forestry sector or in the maintenance of green areas, it may become necessary to remove or collect firewood and branches. To be able to handle them with agility and safety it is necessary to use the proper hydraulic polyp grab. The PLOT model, designed and sold by Tecnobenne is a polyp grab for firewood that can be equipped with five teeth and can be easily mounted on truck cranes, self-propelled or wheeled excavators. The POT series, on the other hand, is used to collect branches during the maintenance of green areas.

Unless otherwise requested, all polyp grabs manufactured by Tecnobenne are supplied with steel lump, all pins are chromed and bushes are cemented, body and teeth are made of steel S355 steel while tips, subjected to consumption, are in anti-wear material.

Polyp grabs for sawn timber, customized projects and fast production

By studying customer’s needs, as well as the work to be performed, for Tecnobenne it is possible to build customized polyps for firewood. Starting from the general catalogue, it is possible to add accessories such as the welded bushing, the hydraulic rotator with shaft, as well as a suspension link custom made. Thanks to the internal warehouse, rich in semi-finished products, as well as to a precise and fast assembly line, it is possible to have a polyp grab for firewood delivered within a few days.


Hydraulic polyp-grab POT

Hydraulic polyp-grab with horizontal cylinders.

Polyp grab PLOT

Polyp grab for firewood handling.