Log grabs for excavators

Hydraulic log grabs for excavators and small excavators are equipment for material’s handling. Usually wheels or crawler excavators work with a pressure higher than 250 bar, our log grabs work at 200/250 bar depending on the model.. So if the excavator doesn’t have it already, it is high recommended to have a max valve on the excavator’s arm to regulate oil pressure for a good use of the log grab.

Their uses are manifold, in forestry field for logs handling, for brush woods or rocks handling. We build grabs for railway maintenance and for brick stack handling, we produce hydraulic hooks and also grabs for household appliances recycling. For an improved safety almost all of our equipment are furnished with a check control valve, it is a very important part because in case of breakage of hydraulic hoses it prevents load losses.

Requests are various and Tecnobenne can offer the exactly kind of log grabs that you were looking for. Contact us! Our office is at your complete disposal for any request or information.


Grab for logs handling.

Log grab POTB L

Log grab for brush woods and wood.

Log grab POTB M

Grab for logs, heavy version.

Log grab POTB H

Grab for logs without blade.

Grab POTB 2

Hydraulic grab with blade and two horizontal cylinders.

Grab PMT

Log grab for rocks loading and unloading.

Grab PMC

Grab for railway maintenance.

Grab PTT2

Grab for railway field.

Grab PRT

Grab for railway maintenance.

Grab PTL

Brick stack grapple.

PFL grab

Grab for household appliances recycling.


Grab for glass bell-shaped containers.

Grab PGT

Grab for lifting.