Hydraulic grab is an equipment made with two valves with synchronized movements, they are actioned by one or more oleo-dynamic cylinders. Hydraulic hook is composed of a hook and one hydraulic piston only.

Body of these hydraulic equipment is made of S355. More used parts are made with a high yield strength material, such as hydraulic teeth for wood model POTB M or hydraulic grab’s hook model PGT.

They are divided into:

Our grabs are mounted on truck or fixed cranes, forestry cranes, on mini telescopic articulated loaders, on wheels or crawler excavators, self-propelled excavators. They are projected for the machines where they will be installed on with special attention to excavator weight or the lifting capacity at the boom of the crane arm.

Tecnobenne offers hydraulic log grabs with all kinds of optionals to satisfy customer’s needs.


Accessories that we can provide with our hydraulic log grabs are:

  • Bushing to be welded: adapter to weld at the top of the equipment to receive a rotator with shaft.
  • Flanged bushing: adapter to screw at the top of the equipment to receive a rotator with shaft.
  • Hydraulic rotator: it’s mounted on the body, it permits an hydraulic 360 ° rotation. An hydraulic rotator could be with shaft or flange.
  • Mechanical rotator: it’s mounted on the body, it allows a manual rotation of 250 °. You can find mechanical rotators with shaft or flanged.
  • Turntable bearings rotor: hydraulic rotor with turntable bearings  rotation of 360°.
  • Check control valve: it’s used to prevent that an equipment loses its load in case of breakage of hydraulic hoses.
  • Max valve: it regulates the oil pressure in pipes. It’s usually mounted on the machine, not on the equipment.
  • Suspension link: it’s very important to use it because it swings the grab through a classic cross movement so the machine doesn’t relieve tension directly on the equipment.
  • Custom-made link:  a particular link to satisfy our customer needs.



Grab for logs handling.

Log grab POTB L

Log grab for brush woods and wood.

Log grab POTB M

Grab for logs, heavy version.

Log grab POTB H

Grab for logs without blade.

Grab POTB 2

Hydraulic grab with blade and two horizontal cylinders.

Grab PMT

Log grab for rocks loading and unloading.

Grab PMC

Grab for railway maintenance.

Grab PTT2

Grab for railway field.

Grab PRT

Grab for railway maintenance.

Grab PTL

Brick stack grapple.

PFL grab

Grab for household appliances recycling.


Grab for glass bell-shaped containers.

Grab PGT

Grab for lifting.