Clamshell buckets for truck cranes

Tecnobenne designs, manufactures and sells clamshell buckets for trucks equipped with cranes. This type of equipment, sometimes confused with digging buckets, is mainly used to collect paper, cardboard and plastic, in the maintenance of green areas and to collect branches and brushwood, as well as for handling waste. Ideal for loading and unloading materials, clamshell buckets can be mounted on trucks equipped with an hydraulic arm, on self-propelled wheeled vehicles and on excavators equipped with crawlers.

Depending on the load, the type of work that has to be done and the extension of the crane arm, Tecnobenne has a complete line of clamshell buckets for trucks.

Tecnobenne also sells clamshell buckets for digging excavators. Designed and manufactured specifically for these kind of works, clamshell buckets for digging mount one or two vertical cylinders, in addition to steel teeth useful for break up the soil.

Vehicles with cranes: design and sale of hydraulic buckets

The choice of the correct bucket to be installed on a truck equipped with a crane includes a series of project evaluations performed with precision by Tecnobenne: the study of loads, the type of work that will be done and its duration. The company catalogue, divided by the abbreviations L and P (light and heavy), in addition to providing a rich choice of standard equipment is the solid base on which to build a specific project able to satisfy customer’s needs. Each project accurately defines all the characteristics of the bucket: from the steel used (basically S355), to the layout of the hydraulic cylinders (horizontal or vertical), it is also possible to choose – as an option – perforated clamshells for a better selection of the material.

This particular attention is an added value of Tecnobenne, a principle that translates into a sales ethics that guarantees the most suitable bucket for each individual customer.

Tecnobenne has an internal warehouse full of semi-finished products ready to be assembled. Once the project for a bucket to be mounted on a truck crane has been defined, the company is able to provide the equipment within a few days. The customization of the project allows you to choose colours and related accessories.

For greater safety, most of our clamshell buckets are fitted with a check control valve as standard. This is very important because the equipment does not lose its load if the hydraulic hoses brake.

Clamshell bucket BOTL M

Clamshell bucket for different materials.

Clamshell bucket BOTL MR

Clamshell bucket for waste and green areas maintenance.

Clamshell bucket BOT L

Clamshell bucket with a large opening.

Clamshell bucket BOT R

Clamshell bucket with removable side-walls standard.

Clamshell bucket BOT S

Clamshell bucket for loading and unloading.

Clamshell bucket BOT 2

Clamshell bucket with two horizontal cylinders.

Clamshell bucket BVT 1

Clamshell bucket for light digging.

Clamshell bucket BVT B

Clamshell bucket for beet.

Clamshell bucket BVT 2

Clamshell bucket for digging.