Grabs for truck cranes

Tecnobenne offers different models of grabs for truck cranes for wood, trunks, brushes and rocks handling. On stock we have hydraulic grabs for brick stack handling, for household appliances recycling and hydraulic hooks.

Our sales office is at your disposal to satisfy all your needs, to address you to the best log grab according to your needs depending on the machine it will be mounted on and depending on which kind of work it will do.


Grab for logs handling.

Log grab POTB L

Log grab for brush woods and wood.

Log grab POTB M

Grab for logs, heavy version.

Log grab POTB H

Grab for logs without blade.

Grab PMT

Log grab for rocks loading and unloading.

Grab PTT2

Grab for railway field.

Grab PRT

Grab for railway maintenance.

Grab PTL

Brick stack grapple.

PFL grab

Grab for household appliances recycling.


Grab for glass bell-shaped containers.

Grab PGT

Grab for lifting.