Polyp-grabs for scrap

Tecnobenne designs and sells polyp grabs for scrap handling. Starting from the general catalogue, with the exception of PLOT models (hydraulic polyp grab for firewood) and POT M (polyp grab for stones and rocks), all our polyps are perfect for handling metallic waste. In fact, our equipment is used successfully for recycling and disposal of ferrous materials.

Starting from the analysis of client’s needs the company is able to do special offers both starting from the catalogue and preparing a customized project. In fact it is possible to manufacture a special orange peel grab  made of the most suitable material  and technical features through the study of the type of work that it will do, as well as the machine on which it will be mounted on (excavator, self-propelled, crane).In addition, the nature of the ferrous material that will be collected is very important: scrap from production waste, demolition scrap or collection of turning waste.

Ferrous waste collection with Tecnobenne polyps

Depending on the type of load, Tecnobenne polyp grabs for scrap can be mounted on excavators, self-propelled or trucks with crane. Equipped with vertical or horizontal cylinders, they are available with 4, 5 or 6 teeth and with standard, thin or high coverage tines.

Unless otherwise requested, all polyp grabs manufactured by Tecnobenne are supplied with steel lump, all pins are chromed and bushes are cemented, body and teeth are made of steel S355 while tips, subjected to consumption, are in anti-wear material (from SP 25 to SP 100 mm).

Tecnobenne has a warehouse full of semi-finished products and accessories, useful both for after-sales assistance and for sale. Once the design of the orange peel grab for metal scrap has been defined, in fact it is possible to dispatch the equipment within few working days.


Hydraulic polyp-grab POT

Hydraulic polyp-grab with horizontal cylinders.

Hydraulic polyp-grab POT S

Hydraulic polyp-grab with a great opening capacity.

Polyp-grab POT H

Hydraulic polyp-grab for Z-collapsible truck crane.

Polyp-grab POT P

Hydraulic polyp grab for excavators.

Polyp-grab PVT

Hydraulic polyp-grab with vertical cylinders for waste and junk.

Polyp-grab PVT P

Hydraulic polyp-grab with cylinder’s protections.

Hydraulic polyp-grab PVT M

Hydraulic polyp-grab with magnet.