Forks for agricultural loaders

Tecnobenne designs and assembles forks for agricultural loaders. Mainly used for manure and hay, gardening and waste collection, these buckets have two shells with synchronized movement, one or more hydraulic cylinders (vertical or horizontal) and body made of steel S355.

Available in the general catalogue, the FOTB, FVTB, FOTB 2, FVTB 2 and FOTB S represent a solid base to meet every need of use on agricultural loaders. Tecnobenne does not only sell forks, but carefully studies and suggests materials, loading, workplaces and jobs that will affect the fork.

For greater safety, most of our forks for agricultural loaders are equipped with a check control valve as standard: this is very important because it ensures that the equipment does not lose its load if the hydraulic hoses brake.

Agricultural loaders for tanks, fields, or barns: different places for different forks

The experience accumulated over the years by Tecnobenne translates into precise and professional advice for the customer. The choice of the right model, if not a tailor-made model, must necessarily take into account where the fork will be used. Old buildings with few vertical spaces may prefer grabs with horizontal cylinders, in order to work better with the agricultural loader. Barns with large vertical spaces instead benefit from the use of forks with vertical cylinders, in order to go deeper into the collection tanks. The customization of the project allows to choose colours and related accessories.

Thanks to Tecnobenne internal warehouse, forks for agricultural loaders can be assembled and shipped within a few working days.



Grab for agricultural works.


Grab for agricultura works.

Grab FOTB 2

Grab for agricultural works.

Grab FVTB 2

Grab for agricultural works.


Grab for agricultural works.