Log grabs model POTB L are hydraulic equipment with a horizontal cylinder ideal for trunks handling and for brush wood loading. This light version answers perfectly to clients’ needs for saltuary works.

Technical information

  • Horizontal cylinder.
  • Capacity from 0,08 to 0,40 M².
  • Without blade.


  • Bushing to be welded.
  • Flanged bushing.
  • Flanged hydraulic rotor or with shaft.
  • Mechanical rotor.
  • Suspension link.
  • Check control valve.
  • Max valve (to be mounted on the machine).

On models POTB 80 L and POTB 100 L could be mounted only shaft rotators.

Teeth and side-walls removable kits

Only for models POTB L it is possible to buy the removable side-walls kit, created for those who load not only wood but also chipped wood, while the removable teeth kit is created for brush wood, straw… they are both easy and quick to use.

Pinza POTB L aperta
Pinza POTB L aperta
Pinza POTB L chiusa

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