New hydraulic grab POTB 2

POTB 2 is a hydraulic grab with blade and two horizontal cylinders designed to equip excavators. It is a solid and functional equipment, it will certainly not disappoint the expectations of the most demanding customers!
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Hydraulic Log-Grab POTB 104 H and POTB 100 M

Today you can not maintain a static approach to a problem, you have to be dynamic, flexible and versatile and follow customer requirements’ for better efficiency. For this reason the projected the hydraulic log grab POTB 100 M and POTB 104 H.
They enhance our range of our production, the POTB H series is a log grab with open teeth while POTB M has a blade.

Hydraulic Log Grab PMT 110

New equipment for rocks and stones handling, the hydraulic grab PMT 110, is ideal for excavators with weight of not less than 4 tons.
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Hydraulic Polyp Grab POT

We have 2 new entries, with 6 teeth, in the big series of polyp grabs with horizontal cylinder

  • Pot 150/6 with capacity of 160 LT;
  • Pot 220/6 with capacity of 205 LT.

Theese are polyp grab for waste and scrap collection.

Hydraulic log-grabs POTB 85 LL

A strong demand from the market led our engineers to design the model POTB 85 LL, a log grab with these features:

  • capacity of 500 KG;
  • used for handling logs on cranes from 0.1 to 0.3 Ton;
  • used for small excavators up to 1.6 tons.;