POT S models are polyp-grabs with horizontal cylinders with a great opening capacity and small footprint at rest. They are ideals for loaders.

Technical information

  • Horizontal cylinders.
  • Available with 6 teeth.
  • Capacity 275 LT and 315 LT.
  • Bits made with wear-resistant material ( SP 50 mm).

Three different kinds of tines are available:

  • Standard (A).
  • Thin (B).
  • High coverage (C).


  • Bushing to be welded.
  • Hydraulic rotor with shaft.
  • Recessed mechanical rotor.
  • Suspension link.
  • Max valve (to be installed on the machine).
Benna a polipo POT S aperto
Benna a polipo POT S aperto
Benna a polipo POT S chiuso

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